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An easier way to run dscacheutil -flushcache on your Mac (OS X Snow Leopard) to clear your dns cache

Don’t know about you but I am fed up with intermittent “Unable to connect..” messages when I’m browsing the web on my Mac. Its a real pain – my mac is the only device in my house (out of many devices) that seems to have problems connecting to the web.

I’m fed up with having to open a terminal and enter “dscacheutil -flushcache” to get browsing the web going again.

To begin with I got around this by creating a shell script called revive.sh which ran dscacheutil but i got bored having to open a terminal, navigate to the location of my shell script and enter ./revive.sh.

There had to be another way… and there is. I created an Automator App which runs dscacheutil. Now when I get one of those pesky “Unable to connect…” messages I double-click on my app (or an alias for the app) and I’m browsing the web again.

You can download the app here: flushdns.app


Microsoft’s Windows Vista – Actually, It’s erm, alright

My new shiny work laptop has arrived with Windows Vista Business premium (I think!)  pre-installed. After everything I’d read in the press and on-line I feared the worst but much to my surprise its actually working quite well. Quelle Horreur. Mind you, it came with Vista Service Pack 2 installed and all I’ve done is let Windows Update run its merry course. Shock horror, its been quite stable, performance has been pretty good. The laptop isn’t over-specked either so its pretty good performance came as a definite surprise. the most difficult thing for me to get to grips with is the control panel – ie, adding/removing software, sorting out other bits and bobs and what not. I borrowed the Missing Manual for Vista which soon got me cruising. An excellent book and a not-so-bad-at-all operating system.