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Convert your AWS SSH keys to a format you can use with PuTTY

If you’ve had problems with trying to connect to your EC2 instance with PuTTY its probably because the format of the private key from the keypair you generate in, say, the AWS Management Console is not in a format that PuTTY understands.


Check out this article in the Amazon Web Services document repository if you haven’t already done so.. How to get PuTTy working with AWS.



Microsoft’s Windows Vista – Actually, It’s erm, alright

My new shiny work laptop has arrived with Windows Vista Business premium (I think!)  pre-installed. After everything I’d read in the press and on-line I feared the worst but much to my surprise its actually working quite well. Quelle Horreur. Mind you, it came with Vista Service Pack 2 installed and all I’ve done is let Windows Update run its merry course. Shock horror, its been quite stable, performance has been pretty good. The laptop isn’t over-specked either so its pretty good performance came as a definite surprise. the most difficult thing for me to get to grips with is the control panel – ie, adding/removing software, sorting out other bits and bobs and what not. I borrowed the Missing Manual for Vista which soon got me cruising. An excellent book and a not-so-bad-at-all operating system.