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3DS Will Not Power on even though it is charged — how to fix it (maybe)

My 3DS wouldn’t power on this morning. I hadn’t used it for a week. I guess the battery was as flat as a pancake. After charging the 3DS for an hour it still wouldn’t power on (it was still plugged into the mains and charging as far as I could tell).

Hmm. That’s a bit weird I thought. In a fit of desperation/pique I removed the game card (Mario Kart 7) and I removed the SD Card too. I immediately tried to power on the 3DS and bingo it came on first time. I powered it down again, put the SD card and game card back in and bingo, it powered up again.




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What to do when your Norton Internet Security Subscription Expires: Save some money, that’s what (Don’t renew directly from Symantec..)

My subscription for Norton Internet Security expired yesterday. Normally I’d log in and buy a subscription for another year directly from Symantec. I say normally because this year I am skint and I really need to watch my pennies.So instead i did something a little different. Instead of paying £39.99 online to Symantec I tootled round to my nearest computer store – in my case PC World ( – and bought a three license copy of Norton Internet Security for £24.99 (UPDATE: £23 as of September 19th 2011). Hmm, but did you have to reinstall the software I hear you ask. No. I merely clicked on the Renew Subscription button (or whatever it was actually called) and when prompted for a license code i entered the license code from my brand spanking new £24.99 copy. The code was accepted and I got 12 months of antivirus action only I saved £15.01 in the process. Good eh?! I reckon the journey there and back must have cost me around £2. Go on, save yerself some cash.

Be sure to check out the savings first. If you can’t get a cheap copy at your local software shop/store then renewing online is probably the best option for you.